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Places where light shows take place in Brazil

Bola Vermelha.png
Bola Azul.png
Bola Verde.png
Bola Preta.png


On the map you will find some icons represented by a ball with a light bulb in the middle whose colors are BlueGreenRed and Grey indicating the status of the location.

These icons are intended to show the locations where the Christmas Lighting events take place throughout Brazil.


 Information on locations on the map is described by the members and authors of the location.

​ Event dates will be updated from October.


Bola Azul.png
Animated: In this place the lights are animated with visual and/or sound effects.
Bola Green.png
Static: In this location the lights are Static (stopped).
Bola Vermelha.png
Absence: In this place will not have the event for this year.
Bola Preta.png
Disabled: In this place, there are no more Lighting events.

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